Media Selection Guide For mass finishing

The selection of the proper media for a specific application is critical for optimum deburring and surface finishing results. As a result, we need proper media selection guide to improve mass finishing process. Because of the diversified requirement of numerous applications and workpieces and the wide variety of types, sizes, and shapes of media available. In many cases, the optimum selection is made on the trial-and-error basis. The most common media in mass finishing including ceramic media, plastic media, steel media, corn cob media, and walnut shell media.

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electricity setting of finishing machines

How to prepare vibratory finishing machine voltage setting?

The setting of vibratory finishing machine voltage is crucial for users. If the user chooses an incorrect electricity will burn out the motor in few minutes. In China, electricity is 380 V 50 HZ 3 phase for input electricity for surface finishing machine. While most other Europe countries and some Asia country use 380 V 50 HZ 3 phase, North America, and South America have their own standards.

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maintenance of centrifugal barrel machine

Centrifugal Barrel Machine Maintenance

Centrifugal barrel machine maintenance is critical to running over time. Centrifugal barrel finishing machine runs with high energy with 25G gravity force. The different of centrifugal barrel finishing machine with other mass finishing process is that centrifugal action results in a very fast, highly controllable operation.

The centrifugal barrel machine operates under high duty condition, as a result, timely maintenance of machine components is very important. Usually, we recommend our customer to check machine condition once a month.

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centrifugal barrel finishing machine fixed barrel design

How to Change Centrifugal Barrel Machine Barrel

How to change centrifugal barrel machine barrel is an essential issue for machine maintenance. Most big size centrifugal barrel machines are fixed barrel design. In fixed barrel design machine, machine the barrel need to completely remove when PU lining is worn out. Read more


Surface Finishing Machine Lubricants

Lubrication Oil use in Surface Finishing Machine

Surface finishing machine lubricants are very important. Surface finishing machine including vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, and centrifugal barrel finishing machine has bearing components need greasing and oiling.

Usually each month we need to make greasing and oiling give good lubrication between mechanical parts and reduce friction force. The right selection of lubrication oil is very important for machine maintenance.

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matt finishing of metal sheet

Matt Finishing Introduction

Matt finishing is a dull surface finishing without any gloss. And matt-finished surface can achieve with vibratory finishing with abrasive ceramic media or plastic media.

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How to select the vibratory finishing machine color?

Vibratory finishing machine color is for aesthetic function as well as image identification. As a result, some companies especially re-seller prefer to use their own logo color. For example, Bosch GMBH uses color red/black color. Most of our customer rather use Inovatec standard color. Bellow is the guidance to select machine color.

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