Why Choose To Inovatec Be Your Partner ?

  • 10 Years Experience onVibratory Finishing Machine and Tumbling Media
  • 2Years High Quality Warranty provided.
  • FREE Workpieces Surface Finishing Service Provided
  • Customized Process and Machine Design Available
  • OEM tumbling media according to sample delivered
  • High Quality With Global Standards,CE,RoHs, ISO
  • Low Prices Direct From Factory Suppliers Based on Reliable Quality.
  • Convenient & Friendly Customer Service and Free Online Support.
  • Fast Delivery Around The Globe and Easy & Safe Payment Terms.

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Huzhou Yingnuowei Machinery Co., Ltd is export-oriented and focused. Inovatec machinery is a one-stop shop to get all of your vibrator deburring and finishing compound and chemicals together with right processing vibratory deburring or polishing abrasive media. Whether it can be ceramic media, plastic media, steel media, and natural finishing media like corn cob or walnut shell.

Customizing your specific requirement for surface finishing, we will design your requirement for loading hoppers, a separation device and also machinery after finishing including cleaning and drying.

We offer a complete assortment of equipment to assist with the loading, unloading and delivering heavy industrial components from vibratory tumbling, deburring equipment transferable without any need for interaction, over onto the next stage or connect fluently with your existing production facility, anywhere, to your operators unloading table, we are here to help you from the very beginning to the very end.

About Innova machinery promise to deliver the whole package that will fit your requirements and build machinery that works just as hard as it does the first

run for a very long time. We have the capability to build any style system that meets your production requirement. Surface finishing machines aren’t the only thing we can supply you with, there is much more we can help with.

Evaluating and analyzing your parts initial condition as well as the surface requirement, Innova machinery select the most suitable equipment among a full line of existing product range based on your production capacity based on your working schedule (for example 8 hours a day).

Innova machinery works hard to become a most cost-effective solution supplier for surface finishing industry which including vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, centrifugal barrel machine, as well as high precision small and high value-added components.

With over 25 years’ experience, Innova machinery is willing to offer you the most suitable processing solution for surface finishing with the right media, right chemicals, and the right machinery.

So far, 90% of our products are exported to countries in North America, Europe, and South-East Asia area. In America, many of medium and small-sized machining workshop, electroplating workshop, parts manufacturing firm import finishing machine from us thanks to US economic recovery.

A study suggests that the surface finishing plays an important role in the decision making of the consumers. We believe so in the past, at present, and in the future.

A good final finishing of metal and plastic components, from CEO to the assembling worker, from project manager to final user, we have the same purpose, sending you the goods with the best solution.

Inovatec means continuous make improvement based on current status. We optimize the process and suggest a better way to make the product finishing at lower cost, the small victory relies on the tricks while the big needs the constant improvement. Inovatec people check each sample requirements of the client carefully and patiently, then confirm with the client, again and again, to assure right selecting the media and machine as well as the process. Integrity and reasonable profit are the basics of our philosophy. Our staffs are asked to be honest with our clients and never to cheat on purpose. The salesmen are told never to seek excessive profit on every order they would deal with. All of these is because that we believe your trust is our air to breathe.

The future is bright. Our mission is to reduce surface finishing costs per component for global manufacturers and to save the energy consumption and reduce emissions.

Welcome to Inovatec!


Sales Director

Earnest Zhang

Sales Director 

10 years experience in the surface finishing industry
Msc in mechanical engineering and material engineering
Offer the cost-effective solution for deburring and polishing.

Sales Manager

Alex Mao

Sales Manager 

Master of Chemistry, from Singapore National University
6 years experience in the mass finishing industry
Suggest right consumables for metal and plastic components

Sales Manager

Erica Li

Sales Manager

Erica work in electroplating industry for 4 years
Understand process and surface requirement for pre electroplating
Calculate cost per components and make saving for client

Sales Manager

Kelly Fu

Sales Maneger

Kelly graduated from Shanghai University environmental engineering 2 years ago.
She is faster learning and care in details. The easy going and friendly nature makes her very popular among customer.