Inovatec ISO, CE, RoHS approved workshop for mass finishing machine, vibratory tumbling media, polishing compound.

Inovatec factory overview

Production workshop

Office Room

Media baking kiln and mixing tower

Media Backing Kiln

Media Raw Material Mixing Tower

Machine laser cutting workshop and CNC machine

Automatic Laser Cutting Machine

CNC milling machine

Automatic PU casting machine

PU casting quality (USA Dow chemical PU)

Vibratory Finishing Machine with sound cover

Centrifugal disc finishing machine for Jewelry

Chemicals and polishing compound manufacturing workshop

Chemicals mixing reactor

Barrels for chemicals

R & D center, testing device for chemicals and abrasives

R&D center and testing room

Particle analyzer and Element analyzer

Warehouse and packing

Pallets packaging for media

Tumbling media export packaging

Chemicals packaging

Fermentation certification for pallets