Mass finishing machine is the key equipment and device to get desirable surface finishing. For many companies especially small size workshop, purchasing a finishing machine is an investment. The owner of the company will take serious consideration of all factors included. No matter conventional vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine or centrifugal barrel finishing machine, the two most important components for the finishing machines are hot poured PU (polyurethane) and Motor.

1. Laser cut steel components

The computer controlled laser cut steel components make sure the surface is smooth and edge is clear. Good edge condition is easy for welding and assembling. The good cutting will improve machine stability and service life.

 plasma cutting of metal sheet

2. Welding process of components

After parts cutting, components welding process is very important. Welding quality dertermine the rigidness of whole machine structure.

Welding of metal components

3. Shot blasting to release welding stress

Shot blasting is an important process to relieve metal internal stress after welding. This is excellent especially for the vibratory bowl, the whole structure will not be broken or crack even after 10 years of running.

Besides, the blasted surface offer a rough surface which is superior for PU lining adhesion.

Shot blasting machine to release welding stress

4. PU casting with automatic casting machine

PU or polyurethane material casting and hardness is a chemical polymerization process which requires PU material and hardener reaction in a certain condition. The precise control of reaction temperature and dosing of each component is very important. With right control of the parameters, PU shore hardness and life can be achieved at an optimal level.

With employment of chemical automatic casting machine, PU casting quality is precisely controlled. Batch to batch difference can be reduced to a minimum level.

The PU material we use in the casting machine is made from DuPont USA. The high-quality raw material makes sure we have a long service life machine for years.

PU casting machine controlling hardness and life

5. Surface smoothing

The metal surface is not smooth after the welding process. Also, PU surface is also not smoothing after casting process. The surface smoothing is very important, for example, disc and ring operation smoothly (centrifugal disc finishing machine), PU cover fix tightly without leaking (centrifugal barrel machine and rotary barrel machine)

Balance calibration of components and surface smoothing

6. Painting

The material painting and coating are very important for surface finishing machine. The color of a machine can be selected according to customer requirement based on RAL value. Usually, for one machine you can choose 1-2 colors.

The painting and coating not only for aesthetic good looking, LOGO/Image identifications but also for protection from chemical and corrosion in long term. Our anti-corrosion paint is selected for the application.

Painting workshop with thermal and temperature control

7. Test machine running before shipment

Each surface finishing machine needs to test and calibrated before packing and send to the customer. If we found anything need to make an adjustment we will do it right away in the workshop.

Test running on machine before shipment