Why buy from Inovatec?

1. High-quality mass finishing machine, tumbling media, and compound

Inovatec has established long-term cooperation with most leading mass finishing service provider, job shop organizations as well as users. We strictly control the quality with the customized solution. So our product is popular among customer. Most of our sales come from referrals.

Inovatec mass finishing reference customer

Inovatec mass finishing reference customer

2. Customized process solution to reduce the running cost

Many customers are new to mass finishing. So they have no idea what kind of machine, media, and chemicals to use. Sometimes, they may have some general ideas. This such case, Inovatec help the customer to clarify the requirement and make a plan to test their sample.

All the machine, consumables and process are designed according to workpieces, factory area, budget and daily production volume.

Our goal is to help our customer finding a way to get the surface finish they want with the cost-saving solution.

road map how to start

roadmap how to start

3. Full technical support for process and maintenance

During machine operation, the customer will come across some technical issue for example: how much compound to add, how much media to added and how much water to add as well. We offer full technical document for customer understand how to start up the production.

4. Online support for free

We give the Online Support By Teamviewer for our Customers, Teach you how to start up a machine, the amount of media and chemical to add to the machine as well as processing time of each step.

5. Factory price with Inovatec

Inovatec provides the best price for vibratory finishing machine, ceramic media and polishing compound, Factory Price with no additional cost. All items are Brand New. So you can bid the surface finishing machine with a lower price!