car automotive components surface finishing

Automotive components surface finishing

The competition automotive industry is intense thus automotive components surface finishing requirement is increasing. Therefore, manufacturers work hard to improve quality in surface quality and performance as well as reduce cost.

The cost-effective mass finishing process of the automotive component is becoming more and more popular. As a result, production of a component with high efficiency and cost saving will offer a significant advantage over competitor companies.

Inovatec mass finishing with our 30 years’ experience in surface finishing industry guide you to your aim performance with short time and effortless. Then what you need to do just telling me your surface requirement, your daily production volume, and your parts condition. Or else you simply send your parts to us and we will process it and send you back for checking. After that, we will offer full technical support to you.

Regardless you are making transmission components, springs, chain components, bearings, or engine blocks, engine cover or ceramic coating exhaust pipe, Inovatec is ready to offer the latest solution to meet your specific requirement. In a word, our mass finishing solution can help you arrive your destination with stability and cost-effective.

Landing gear parts                           Chain accessaries                                     rearview mirror parts

Finishing solutions                            Finishing solutions                                      Finishing solutions

Vibratory finishing machine        Vibratory finishing machine               Continuous vibratory machine

Centrifugal disc machine              Centrifugal disc machine                     Vibratory finishing machine

Bearing joint parts                                   Gear Transmission                                  Ceramic exhaust Pipe

Finishing solutions                                  Finishing solutions                                    Finishing solutions

Vibratory finishing machine                  Centrifugal barrel machine                                 Tub vibrator

             Tub vibrator                                              Vibratory finishing machine

             Centrifugal disc machine