chain components deburring and polishing

Chain Components Finishing

Chain components include chain sleeve, chain tabs, and chain bolts. These components are basic elements of chain link industry. As a result, chain components finishing is an important process for chain link overall performance.

Chain components finishing process includes deburring, cleaning, oil removing, radiusing, grinding after stamping and machining process. Once the surface finishing of chain components increased, service life also largely increase.

Because our process and machine specifically design for chain manufacturer. So the production has excellent stability and repeatability and high efficiency.

chain components finishing

Chain sleeve                                          Chain bolts                                             Chain tabs

Finishing solutions                               Finishing solutions                             Finishing solutions

    Centrifugal disc machine                       Centrifugal disc machine                  Centrifugal disc machine

   Vibratory finishing machine            Vibratory finishing machine            Vibratory finishing machine