coin polishing centrifugal disc finishing machine

Coin Blank Polishing

After heat treatment of coin blank, oxidation layer needs to remove. Also, before plating process, coin blank surface need smoothing as well. As a result, we introduce mass finishing machine and process for coin blank polishing.

Our latest process solution can offer the desirable finishing in highest efficiency and cost saving. First of all, the most popular surface finishing process is vibratory finishing. Besides, centrifugal disc finishing machine is easy to achieve automation. So it is widely used in big coin manufacturers.

The vibratory finishing machine with high vibration force and centrifugal disc finishing machine with a highly automotive system suitable for the application. After finishing, coin blank can be spray cleaning, vibratory drying, and collecting. After that, manufacturer stamps coins with different patterns.

There are various materials suitable for the processing, for example, gold, silver, nickel alloy, brass alloy. You can send your coin or metal sample to us for processing, and we will send it back to you for evaluation after finishing.

coin blank polishing coin polishing

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