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Foundry Industry (Die Castings finishing)

Descaling and de-oxidation of die casting parts are one of the most popular applications of the mass finishing process. Also, after die casting process, metal surface usually dull with dirt. As a result, surface dies castings finishing is required before next process treatment.

Usually, the casting parts materials include iron, steel, zamak3 or magnesium alloy.

Therefore, the right selection of machine and consumables according to parts properties is the key to success. To meet increasing demand of foundry industry, we have developed process for those components. Besides, we are capable to develop customized process most suitable for a specific component.

What you need to do is to tell us your parts surface requirement, and your daily production volume. Then we will make the plan for your production. Also, you can send your sample to our lab for a testing service without charge.

Die castings finishing

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