forging parts surface finishing and cleaning and rust removal

Forging components finishing

The forging components finishing is an important step in the forging process.

Because when forging components come out of heat treatment, they have the heavy scale and oxidation layer. However, these residues and dirt in forging process need to remove clearly. Moreover, the modern industry requires a clean parts without contamination. Besides, the good surface appearance of forging parts is very important for customer satisfaction.

Inovatec offer wide selection of surface finishing machines to clean metal surface and improve the image of manufacturers. So what you need to do is send inform us your surface requirement, or send us your parts. Then we send sample you back with complete process solutions.

Forging components finishingBolts                                                       Crankshaft                                                 Connecting Rod

Finishing solutions                            Finishing solutions                               Finishing solutions

    Vibratory finishing machine            Crankshaft polishing machine       Vibratory finishing machine

Centrifugal disc finishing machine                                            Continuous vibratory finishing machine