Jewelry polishing

Jewelry & Glass (Jewelry polishing)

The jewelry, watch components and glass frame is a high value-added commodity with demanding finishing requirement in details. Also, the surface finishing is the first to see by the customer. Therefore, jewelry polishing needs very careful process solution.

Firstly it is to achieve product general function. For example watch for time recording, eyeglass to see clearly. And also, good looking and surface quality of product are equally important. As luxury items, people should feel comfortable when wearing them. A jewelry commodity with excellent surface finishing not only create an image for its owner but also boost self-confidence.

With Inovatec customize design process solution to achieve excellent surface finishing with superior machines and quality consumables. Even smallest watch and earring accessories with thickness 0.05 mm can finish with our customized CF series centrifugal disc machine.

If you have difficult to finish those small components, please just send me your parts with the surface requirement (Ra). Then we will analyze and process with our best selection of media among 1000+ different types.


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