stamping parts deburring and polishing

Stamping parts (Stamping parts deburring and polishing)

Flashes and stamping burrs cannot avoid during the stamping process. Usually, manufacturers use mass finishing solution for medium and small size stamping parts deburring, especially when production scale is large. As a result, those burrs and sharp edge remove with vibratory finishing process.

Inovatec offer customized design process to effectively remove burrs on edge and lose flashes. This facilitates parts assembling process in next step and safe operation for users.

Besides, Inovatec offers a combination of surface finishing machine with washing, drying, and collection as an optimal integration.

stamping parts deburring

Placement ring                                                                                                               Safety belt

Finishing solution                                                                                            Finishing solution

Vibratory finishing machine                                                        Vibratory finishing machine

Centrifugal disc machine                                                                   Centrifugal disc machine

                                                                                     Continuous vibratory finishing machine