surgical instruments polishing

Surgical and Dental (Surgical instruments polishing)

With the upgrade of medical care, the surface requirement for surgical instruments polishing is increasingly demanding. Also, finished surface of metal components has the general requirement of smooth surface with no effect on medical function and shape deformation. Therefore, surgical instruments, dental instruments as well as bone implants have the common requirement of a high surface condition.

Since different medical parts may use a different manufacturing process, either stamping, casting or forging. So polishing of different types of components also different.

The conventional wheel grinding process is extremely labor intensive. Nowadays young people not willing to do this kind of tough job which is hazardous to health. Thus we introduce automatic polishing process with mass finishing solutions.

Although this process cannot completely replace manual process, it can reduce manual wheel grinding step to a minimal level. And at the same time, it will improve surgical parts surface condition and uniformity.

We can discuss with your parts based on your workshop condition and your daily production volume. And find a cost-effective solution for your production.


Surgical instruments polishing

Surgical forceps                                     Virgina speculas                                   Bone plate

         Finishing solution                                     Finishing solution                                Finishing solution

Vibratory finishing machine            Vibratory finishing machine           Centrifugal barrel machine

               Centrifugal barrel machine