tools deburring and polishing

Tools polishing (deburring and polishing)

The tools components are the teeth of various industries. And a precision tooling can increase your working efficiency and effectiveness. Besides, good tools also improve work precision. So tools polishing and surface finishing is an essential process.

Inovatec process for tools not only improve surface finishing but also add the value of components with high precision level, extended service life.

Therefore we offer full range solution includes vibratory finishing, deburring, de-flashing, oxidation removal, cleaning, and polishing, etc.

tools polishing

Spanner smoothing                                      Machining tools                                               Tools holders

 Finishing solution                                       Finishing solution                                       Finishing solution

Vibratory finishing machine                  Centrifugal barrel machine        Centrifugal barrel machine

                                                                        Drag finishing machine                    Drag finishing machine