Barrel Tumbling Machines | Barrel Finish for Steel Parts Deburring and Polishing

Introduction of Barrel Tumbling Machine

The barrel finishing and barrel tumbling are one of the oldest ways for surface finishing. It is typically used for industry metal surface deburring and polishing. The process also called tumble finishing.

Recently, this process is still widely used in delicate components. For example, deburring and polishing plastic button, plastic glass frame and also other electronic components.

Inovatec offers single barrel design rotary barrel tumbling machines and double barrel tumbling machines, from very small size of 25L to huge size 500L.

Single barrel rotary barrel tumbling machines

DM series single barrel tumbling machines

Barrel finishing machine

DM series double barrel tumbling machines


The workpiece is mixed with abrasive media, (here called mass) is charged up to the half of barrel tub.

When barrel tub rotates the mass rises up to top dead centre and then top parts of mass begin sliding towards like “avalanche”, which is called “sliding layer”

The relative speed difference between the workpiece and abrasive media produces friction. So that finishes workpiece efficiently.


1. Hexagonal design barrel vs Olive Shape Barrel

The olive shape barrels gain design concept from Triple action barrels. Due to the olive barrel action folds the media axially and horizontally. So this combined sliding and folding action are much faster than the normal horizontal machine.

Hexagonal barrel and olive barrel design  for rotary barrel polishing machine 1

tilt barrel design rotary barrel tumbling machinestilt barrel design rotary barrel tumbling machines

tilt barrel design rotary barrel tumbling machines


The application includes all iron parts, stainless steel parts, plastic parts. Above all, rotary barrel tumbling machines do surface deburring, descaling, polishing with slow speed but a very high-quality surface.


  • Rotary barrel finishing process suitable for wide range of parts
  • Rough finishing to mirror polishing applicable
  • Durable PU lining
  • Safety cover protection of workers and operators