vibratory finishing machine with sound cover

Vibratory Finishing Machine Noise Cover

1. Different Name of Vibratory Finishing Machine Noise Cover

The noise cover integrated with vibratory finishing machine have different names. Some manufacturers call it sound cover, soundproof cover, noise lid, noise damping cover, acoustic cover, or sound suppression covers.

Here we use the term noise cover because it is widely used and easy to understand.

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electricity setting of finishing machines

How to prepare vibratory finishing machine voltage setting?

The setting of vibratory finishing machine voltage is crucial for users. If the user chooses an incorrect electricity will burn out the motor in few minutes. In China, electricity is 380 V 50 HZ 3 phase for input electricity for surface finishing machine. While most other Europe countries and some Asia country use 380 V 50 HZ 3 phase, North America, and South America have their own standards.

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Surface Finishing Machine Lubricants

Lubrication Oil use in Surface Finishing Machine

Surface finishing machine lubricants are very important. Surface finishing machine including vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, and centrifugal barrel finishing machine has bearing components need greasing and oiling.

Usually each month we need to make greasing and oiling give good lubrication between mechanical parts and reduce friction force. The right selection of lubrication oil is very important for machine maintenance.

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