Economical vibratory finishing machines – Substitute of an expensive machine

The vibratory finishing machine from Taiwan and Japan is quite expensive. We will offer solutions for an economical vibratory finishing machines.

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Standard Machine Process Design – Vibratory Finishing

Most customers require a machine to carry out their simple task. The project size is not big but they really want a professional support to save their budget and achieve best surface performance. A standard design machine with default setting is enough for their application.

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Vibratory Finishing Design – Customized Design Machine Layout

When a customer has a project going on, he has some general idea. For example the size of the workshop, production volume of each workpiece, surface requirement, the budget plan for the project, the automation level of the machines.

What we need to do is to make the general idea of the customer to into design and realize the design into reality.

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X-Project: how we start cooperation

The cooperation started from international business is not easy. People cannot physically see and touch each other. The only way of communication is email, WhatsApp/Wechat/skype, phone call or a video chat. As a result, the company and the person to discuss is very important.

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zinc polish deburring and smoothing

Zinc polish – Zamak Faucet smoothing and polishing

A few days ago, I received a requirement from Ayman from Iran regarding ZAMAK (zinc polish) sanitary parts smoothing and polishing. There are many accessories such as faucet handles, taps and valve bodies, etc. Ayman told me that he will be in China for 2 weeks to discuss how we can help him to improve surface and reduce labor work.

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