vibratory finishing machine with sound cover

Vibratory Finishing Machine Noise Cover

1. Different Name of Vibratory Finishing Machine Noise Cover

The noise cover integrated with vibratory finishing machine have different names. Some manufacturers call it sound cover, soundproof cover, noise lid, noise damping cover, acoustic cover, or sound suppression covers.

Here we use the term noise cover because it is widely used and easy to understand.

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parts process in vibratory finishing machine

What problem you will meet when buying vibratory finishing machine?

Workshop owners can outsource their parts deburring and polishing service to mass finishing job shop. However, when they have a bigger order of parts, they have the real requirement buying vibratory finishing machine.

Buying vibratory finishing machine is not a simple task to do. Because there are lots of factors to take into account. When you buy a machine, you want to get most out of it and do the work that human not willing to do. The Read more

metal component deburring and polishing_curved wall with separating unit vibratory machine_LZG(A) 1

Why some customer spend more money to buy vibratory finishing machine?

Vibratory finishing machine price is an important issue when customer make the decision to purchase. Because this is an investment which you can use many years.

The vibratory finishing machine varies differently from several thousand USD until hundred of thousands USD Read more

Car component surface finishing_U shape bowl with separating unit vibratory machine_LZG(B) 1

8 things you need to consider when buying mass finishing machines

Because there are lots of mass finishing machines suppliers in the markets, choose the right machine suitable for your use is important. Make sure that you check a list as follow so you can get the most out of your machine, as this is an investment for a long term.

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zinc polish deburring and smoothing

Zinc polish – Zamak Faucet smoothing and polishing

A few days ago, I received a requirement from Ayman from Iran regarding ZAMAK (zinc polish) sanitary parts smoothing and polishing. There are many accessories such as faucet handles, taps and valve bodies, etc. Ayman told me that he will be in China for 2 weeks to discuss how we can help him to improve surface and reduce labor work.

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vibratory finishing process solution aluminum handle

Vibratory Finishing Process Checklist Before Running

Regularly check machine condition and vibratory finishing process parameters are critical. Because it makes sure consistent and stable performance. So here we made a conclusion of 9 most important items that you need to check before running the machine. Then you can get most out of your vibratory finishing machine with our experience.

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vibratory finishing process

Vibratory Finishing Guide for Beginner – Get Start within 30 minutes

Vibratory finishing is now the most popular type of mass finishing process. In some case, people will think vibratory finishing equals mass finishing. There are still other processes use centrifugal barrel machines, centrifugal disc finishing machines, and rotary barrel machines.

The process vibratory finishing is made in a vibratory bowl or a vibratory tub for parts surface deburring, polishing, smoothing, cleaning, descaling, rust removal, edge rounding and so on.

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Stainless Steel Shot Jewelry Mix

Stainless Tumbling Media – 8 Benefits of Using Stainless Media in Ball Burnishing

Stainless tumbling media have superior physical properties which make it popular in surface finishing applications. There are many size and shape available to meet different applications.

The most popular shape of stainless tumbling media including ball-cone stainless media, ball shape stainless media, diagonal stainless media, oval balls stainless media and so on. We have recently developed Jewelry mix stainless shot for jewelry application.

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Media Selection Guide For mass finishing

The selection of the proper media for a specific application is critical for optimum deburring and surface finishing results. As a result, we need proper media selection guide to improve mass finishing process. Because of the diversified requirement of numerous applications and workpieces and the wide variety of types, sizes, and shapes of media available. In many cases, the optimum selection is made on the trial-and-error basis. The most common media in mass finishing including ceramic media, plastic media, steel media, corn cob media, and walnut shell media.

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electricity setting of finishing machines

How to prepare vibratory finishing machine voltage setting?

The setting of vibratory finishing machine voltage is crucial for users. If the user chooses an incorrect electricity will burn out the motor in few minutes. In China, electricity is 380 V 50 HZ 3 phase for input electricity for surface finishing machine. While most other Europe countries and some Asia country use 380 V 50 HZ 3 phase, North America, and South America have their own standards.

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