Ceramic Media

Ceramic Media is the most commonly used media in mass finishing. It is widely used for deburring, descaling, cleaning, rust removal.

Below 3 factors are important to decide the ceramic media performance.

  • Ceramic Media Shape
  • Ceramic Media Size
  • Ceramic Media Abrasiveness

1. Ceramic Media Shape

There are variety of shape of ceramic media for selections. For example, cylinder shape, triangle shape, ball shape, the ellipse shape, etc. Engineers select right shape media according to parts size and shape. Here are the main criteria:

  1. The media can polish entire surface of parts
  2. Media not stuck in parts slots and recess
  3. Parts can easily separate from media mass

Ceramic angle cut triangle media

Angle Cut Triangle

ceramic media straight cut triangle deburring

Straight Cut Triangle

angle cut cylinder ceramic media

Angle Cut Cylinder

cylinder ceramic polishing media

Straight Cut Cylinder

zirconium balls ziconia silicate grinding media

Ceramic Ball

Ceramic Vibratory Media Straight cut ellipse

Ellipse Shape Ceramic Media

Arrow Head arrowhead abrasive ceramic media

Arrow Head Ceramic Media

Ceramic polishing deburring media angle cut tri star

Angle Cut Tristar

Small ceramic tumbling media

Straight Cut Tri Star

cylinder wedge polishing media

Cylinder Wedge Ceramic Media

Vibratory Deburring Media cone shape ceramic media

Cone Shape Ceramic Media

Pyramid Shape ceramic media

Pyramid Shape Ceramic Media

2. Ceramic Media Size

  • Small size media offers smoother surface and gentle cutting
  • Large size media offers faster cutting and rougher surface
  • Sometimes a mix of small size media and big size media for processing parts
  • Media and parts size difference for easy separation

3. Ceramic Media Abrasiveness

Ceramic Media Abrasiveness indicates the surface roughness of parts after finishing. Inovatec has: very fast cutting, fast cutting, general cutting, middle cutting, light cutting, polishing and fine polishing grade ceramic media.

In addition, Inovatec offers OEM ceramic media service. If our customer sends us ceramic media sample, we will analyze and make exactly the same one.