Drying and Separation

Drying and separation equipment is auxiliary equipment after mass finishing process. Parts need to separate from media after finishing. And after that, wet parts need to dry before coating and plating process.

Inovatec has developed most popular drying and separation equipment for industry use.

Drying equipment

Drying equipment we have the vibratory dryers and centrifugal dryers.

Vibratory dryer VD200A

Vibratory dryer

Centrifugal Dryer

Centrifugal dryers

magnetic separator

Magnetic Separator

vibratory separator

Vibratory Separator

Vibratory dryers

Vibratory dryers also called vibratory cob dryer or vibratory maize dryer. Inovatec Corn Cob Dryers are the most efficient way to dry your parts as the heated corn cob actually wipes each and every part dry which will eliminate all water spots or leftover residue from a previous vibratory finishing process.

Centrifugal dryers

Centrifugal Dryers also called centrifugal spin dryer. They are typically used when parts are being processed in bulk. The parts may be placed into an appropriate size basket that then is inserted into the dryer.

The dryer is then closed, turned on and spins the basket at a very high speed to force any liquid, oil, etc. to leave the part. Along with the spinning action drying the parts, an optional heater can be installed to offer adequate time in drying the samples.

Separation Equipment

Separation equipment separate parts from media after mass finishing. Inovatec developped vibratory separator and magnetic separator.

Vibratory separator

The Vibratory Separator features high capacity scalping and screening specifically to collect workpieces from media.

Magnetic separator

Magnetic separators for separating the finished workpieces from the media, a post-separation station and workpiece transport. Sophisticated controls allow for fully automatic operation, from the loading of the raw parts to backfilling the finished parts into the waiting part bins.