Ball Burnishing

1. What is Burnishing Process:

The process ball burnishing refer to vibratory finishing process which combined high-density steel media (or other media for example zirconia ball) and polishing compound to produce a specified high luster glossy surface finishing.

2. What Parts need burnishing:

Aluminum casting parts, stainless steel stamping parts, automotive components etc have the applications of surface shining with burnishing process.

Besides, ceramic coating exhaust pipe is another application of vibratory burnishing. And the process achieves mirror shining effect with zirconia ball stead of stainless steel tumbling media.

ball burnishing

3. The benefit of Ball Burnishing:

  • Decorative surface
  • Short processing time
  • Only a fraction cost of hand polishing
  • Surface peening effect
  • Work hardening of parts
  • Improve parts surface strength
  • Corrosion resistance of metal components

4. Machine for Burnishing:

The process of burnishing is for excellent tumbling performance vibratory finishing machine including the tough vibrator and the circular vibratory finishing machine.