Pickling, Descaling & Derusting (Rust removal)

1.What is Pickling, Descaling, and Derusting:

When rust and oxidation from heat treatment cannot remove from the normal mild compound. Therefore, the pickling, descaling, and de-rusting use clean up metal or plastic surface with help of special chemicals in vibratory finishing machines or other high energy mass finishing equipment. Also pickling, descaling and rust removal can be accomplished by either acidic or alkaline compound.

2.What Parts need Pickling, Descaling and Rust Removal:

Part need to remove scales, rust and annealing colors after heat treatment or laser cutting or plasma cutting. Because the oxidation layer makes metal adhere poorly to the paint and it makes painting chip and flake.

rust removal

3. The benefit of Pickling, Descaling, and Derusting:

  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Even indentations and open pores can be made bright
  • Remove rust and oxidation layer which hard to remove by normal process

4. Machine for Pickling, Descaling, and Derusting:

Vibratory finishing machine is the most common equipment for Pickling, Descaling, and De-rusting. In addition, special selected acidic or alkaline compound and media for a specific application for a brilliant finish in short time.

5. Applications:

Laser cutting parts before and after oxidation removal and descaling with vibratory finishing machine