Surface Smoothing

1. What is smoothing process:

The process surface smoothing refers to the reduction of surface unevenness and reduces surface roughness. And Ra/Rz value indicates the surface smoothness. So smaller the Ra/Rz value, better the surface smoothness it is.

2. What Parts need vibratory smoothing:

No matter what the surface made from, metal, ceramic plastic or others, we can assist you for proper development of surface finishing solution that meets your requirement.

The surface smoothing process with mass finishing process has wide application. Firstly, the workpiece before anodizing need smoothing, also the components before painting and coating, and zamak or zink alloy for pre-plating finishing. To conclude, they all require a smooth surface for next step process or treatment.

Surface smoothing

3. The benefit of smoothing:

  • Decorative Surface
  • Friction Reduction
  • Less air resistance
  • Low Wear rate
  • Reduce noise running
  • Surface improve for plating

4. Machine for Surface Smoothing:

Variety of machine can be used for surface smoothing process. However, there are lots of factors that take into account. And the most frequently used machine for a large batch is vibratory finishing machine for metal parts surface finishing. High energy centrifugal disc finishing machine also widely used for the fast process, for example, plastic eyeglass frame which made from casting process or plastic 3D printing.

The 3D printing post-treatment with high energy centrifugal disc finishing machine is another application for smoothing mass finishing technology.