Vibratory Cleaning & Degreasing

What are Cleaning and Degreasing:

The vibratory cleaning process in mass finishing refers to vibratory finishing process which use a non-abrasive media and cleaning compound to remove surface dirt and contamination, remove surface oil and grease, then reveal original color of workpieces.

What Parts need Cleaning and Degreasing:

When materials are stamped, sawed or reshaped, cooling is usually achieved using oil-based lubricants. However, this oily dirt usually needs to remove in degreasing baths in an intermediate step before further processing.

vibratory cleaning

The benefit of Cleaning and Degreasing:

  • Facilitate inspection
  • Better surface prior to coating
  • Contamination removal
  • Convenient for assembling

Machine for Cleaning and Degreasing:

Typically we use vibratory finishing machine for metal and plastic components cleaning to remove possible dirt during mechanical working. Besides, smaller size parts can also use automatic centrifugal disc unit for the process.

Comparatively, for large batch components cleaning, usually, we use a custom designed, automatic running through longitudinal vibratory finishing unit.

The combination of compounds, abrasive media and cleaning agent in trowalizing multiplies the cleaning effect several times over. However, we need to make sure to clean the parts immediately after deburring.