Vibratory Deburring

1.What is Vibratory Deburring:

The process vibratory deburring is to remove burr that generates from stamping, cutting, turning, drilling or other mechanical shaping process or manufacturing process. However, the burr is undesired and need to remove for easy handing and assembling in the workflow.

2.What Parts need Deburring:

Casting parts, stamping parts, sawing parts, machining parts will have burrs vary greatly in size and form. However, those burrs that generate from mechanical shaping process usually undesirable in the next process. So we need to remove those burr for easy handling and assembling.

vibratory deburring

3. The benefit of Deburring:

  • Generate decorative surface
  • Short processing time
  • Only a fraction cost of hand polishing
  • Surface peening effect
  • Work hardening of parts
  • Improve parts surface strength
  • Corrosion resistance of metal components


4. Machine for Deburring:

First of all, the correct selection of finishing machine, abrasive media and compound is key to success. The most frequent used machine for deburring is vibratory finishing machine with ceramic media. However, if the burr size is too large, a prerequisite hand wheel deburring process is necessary to reduce the time and get better surface finishing.