Vibratory Polishing

1. What is Surface Vibratory Polishing:

Vibratory polishing is a process with help of chemical or rubbing action to give workpieces surface a shiny, reflective looking. Also, the surface polishing usually related to surface roughness reduction or Ra value reduction.

2. What Parts need to Polish:

For example, jewelry, knives, and forks, Kitchen accessories or bathroom fittings need surface polishing. Because those parts will directly contact the final user so aesthetic appearance is a very important factor.

vibratory polishing

3. The benefit of Vibratory Polishing:

  • Cost saving compared with manual polishing
  • Energy saving
  • Time saving
  • Consistent surface

4. Machine for Vibratory Polishing:

All mass finishing machines are designed for polishing for different parts depending on initial conditions and surface requirement. Also, the parts size, batch size as well as material of parts is the key parameter to select the machine.

The most frequent machine to use for polishing includes vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal barrel machine.

Also, the dry polishing process can give mirror shining on parts which typically used in centrifugal disc finishing machine for jewelry polishing. In addition, it also uses in vibratory finishing machine and centrifugal barrel machine.

Usually, polishing is the last step after surface smoothing. So, to prevent parts of parts scratch and contact, less amount of parts is suggested to put in one batch.