Mass Finishing Machines

Mass finishing, also known as vibratory finishing, is based on processes in nature.  What we do in modern manufacturing technology is no different.
With the right combination of machine, abrasive media, compound, and water, we can perfect virtually every surface precisely to your requirements, using processes ranging from mass finishing, deburring, polishing and descaling to cleaning, smoothing and rounding.

Inovatec offers full lines vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machines, centrifugal barrel machine, rotary tumbling machine, as well as auxiliary equipment and automatic production line.

In addition, Inovatec provides tumbling media and polishing compound.

vibratory deburring machine Circular vibratory finishing machine with separation VBS(B)

Vibratory Finishing Machine

Centrifugal disc finisher

Centrifugal disc finishing machine

copper rivet centrifugal barrel smoothing and polishing_centrifugal barrel deburring machine_XGP120 1

Centrifugal Barrel Machines

Single barrel rotary barrel tumbling machines

Rotary Tumbling Machine

Vibratory dryer VD200A

Drying and Separation

automatic finishing line

Automatic Production Line

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