matt finishing of metal sheet

Matt Finishing Introduction

Matt finishing is a dull surface finishing without any gloss. And matt-finished surface can achieve with vibratory finishing with abrasive ceramic media or plastic media.

Why we need matt finishing?

Matt finishing offers dull finished surface which increases surface roughness for various application. For example, construction material need a rougher surface for better looking; industry components need dull finishing for coating adhesion; some special application like friction pad increase efficiency with matt finished surface.

The matt finish of metal components obtained from vibratory finishing is isotropic in mechanical properties and physical properties. There are still other ways to do matt finish. For example, brush, sandblasting. The surface gets from vibratory finishing is smooth and homogeneous. This process is popular especially for small and medium-sized components which production in huge volume.

The matt finish of stainless steel sheet


From an aesthetic point of view, a mirror shining or high glossy surface is not always the target in material processing. Consequently, matt finishing is the challenge in daily production in many applications. Matt finishing offers a dull surface which is popular for example in surgical instruments.

Good adhesion

After matt finish, the surface is rough and easy for coating adhesion. Besides, it’s also easy for many other materials adhering.

Increase the friction

With matt finish, the surface roughness is increased. Because surface roughness increased, friction force of contacting surface increased accordingly. In addition, the increased friction force effectively reduces the slippery problem. This is desirable in automotive industry friction pad where large friction force required.

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