vibratory finishing machine with sound cover

Vibratory Finishing Machine Noise Cover

1. Different Name of Vibratory Finishing Machine Noise Cover

The noise cover integrated with vibratory finishing machine have different names. Some manufacturers call it sound cover, soundproof cover, noise lid, noise damping cover, acoustic cover, or sound suppression covers.

Here we use the term noise cover because it is widely used and easy to understand.

2. Why Vibratory Finishing Machine need a noise cover

2.1 Noise Covers protect workers

Workers exposed to long-term noisy environment risk hearing loss and mental disorder. Noise cover protects workers from the chronic damage. A noise cover can reduce noise level 5-10 dB. So it is a good investment for workers’ health.

2.2 Noise Covers are easy to use

The noise covers control with only two buttons: open and close. The open button with blue color while the close button with red color. It is easy to understand by operators and easy to maintenance.

2.3 Noise Covers are not expensive

The cost of a noise cover range from 500 USD to 2000 USD depending on the machine size. A noise cover is not only a steel cover. But also it includes basement, cylinder, and sound absorption foam.

The cost of noise covers only a fraction of acoustic room. However, when you decide to install an industrial acoustic room, the cost will be 20,000+ USD. Therefore, workshop owner prefers noise damping cover.

industrial acoustic room

Industrial acoustic room

3. Sound Cover Design Details

3.1 Acoustic foam

The acoustic foam tightly lines to the cover inner surface. A cone-shaped surface (also called wave-shaped) effectively absorbs noise from mid-to-high frequency. Because it offers 4 times the surface of the flat foam. The foams redirect sound waves into the foam where the sound is converted to energy and absorbed.

noise cover noise absorption foam

Noise absorption foam

3.2 Lock-on-end Cylinder (Airtec)

The innovative design pneumatic cylinder from Airtec with locked end position piston. The German design cylinder offer worker a safer condition. When the machine power off or air supply is off, the cover will not shut down to hurt operator.

airtec hydraulic cylinder

Airtec cylinder to lift the cover

4. Pneumatic system VS Hydraulic system

The pneumatic system uses compressed air to lift the cover. Because of simple design and cost-effectiveness, it is widely used in industries.

The hydraulic system is a more complicated system. When the vibratory finishing machine connected with loading hopper, compressed air cannot offer enough power to complete the action. Therefore, engineers introduce hydraulic cylinder.

hydraulic station

Hydraulic station

The hydraulic cylinder works with a hydraulic station. This is the central unit that power loading hopper and noise cover.


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