Many companies already have their own using tumbling media. However, change of media may affect workpiece properties and the process to approve new media change have a long way to go. Therefore, to meet the demand of customer requirement without a change in media performance, we offer OEM Tumbling media service.

1. What is OEM Tumbling media service:

OEM Tumbling media means we make the high copy of tumbling media made from German, Japan, the USA with significantly lower cost compared with original ones. The performance including wearing and cutting will be the same as before, so customer processing technique will not change.

2. Why we need OEM service for tumbling media:

Increasing cost of production asks for a cost reduction of consumable. Many companies use tumbling media from USA, Japan, and German which is very expensive. As a result, a substitute from China with lower cost is requested.

However, the change of media always associated with a change in workpieces performance. OEM tumbling media means to make a media exactly the same in wearing and cutting performance. So for users, processing technique before and after tumbling process will not change.

3. What kind of media can do OEM design:

The most popular media to do OEM design service is plastic media and ceramic media. The plastic media have a combination of polyester resin and abrasives. And ceramic media have a combination of ceramic bonding agent and abrasives. The right control of each component in the recipe is very important.

Other media, for example, stainless steel ball and dry polishing media is standard material. They usually no need to make OEM.


4. The process to do OEM design of tumbling media:

Firstly customer needs to send media sample to Inovatec to carry out the testing. But the amount of media to send no need much. To carry out the testing only several pieces of media of each category (formula) are enough. When laboratory staff receives the sample, he will take one piece in ignition testing equipment to burn out bonding agent within media. For plastic media, all polyester content is burned out and abrasive left for testing, while for ceramic media, ceramic (kaolin, feldspar etc) is burned out and abrasive left.

Ignition loss testing center


When we receive the sample, the testing will be done in R&D center to make a report of abrasive mesh size and abrasive type as well as the quantity of abrasive included. The testing process usually takes 2-3 days.

Microscope view of particle size and shape                                         Element analyze in tumbling media

After that, a report will be made according to the sample. And the cost of making the product also estimated according to raw material and manufacturing process.

Tumbling media testing report from Inovatec R&D center


5. Performance approval of media:

When media is customized, it is very important that the media need to carry out wearing and cutting testing before delivering to the customer. To compare exactly the wearing and cutting rate of media same with original media, a 15kg original media sample is required for comparing.

The wearing rate of ceramic media 4X4 angle cut triangle in centrifugal barrel finishing machine with 2 hours time

The cutting rate of stainless steel parts vs. ceramic media 4×4 angle cut triangle in centrifugal barrel finishing machine with 2 hours time

6. Media order confirmation:

When the price and order amount is confirmed, the order can be placed in the workshop. Usually, for the first order, the customer usually starts with a smaller order. The price is higher with the smaller order. Comparatively, with a bigger order, a discount will apply according to purchase amount.

7.Customized packaging:

The standard packaging for media is 25kg/bag, the plastic bag is a double-layer plastic woven bag. For North America customers, we will also make 50lbs/bag design.

The final user may not have special requirement for bag design, we usually offer our standard packaging design with only product code/size/shape. Made in China information can also be added per your requirement.

Standard double layer plastic bag printing design


Resellers and finishing service providers always want to have their own logo design printed in plastic bags. Logo design with Telephone, Fax, Website and even QR-code is good for brand image identifications. This service is offered for our reseller marketing and advertising.