21. Where we found our partner

1.1 User of mass finishing product

If you are a user of mass finishing product, you must know how to how to operate the machine. The vibratory finishing process is not only a technique but also rely on experience.

An existing user can explain better from the user point of view. So it’s easier to convince the customer. Moreover, you can invite your customers to visit your factory.  And let them see what you are doing now and how you enjoy the process.

1.2 Agent and distributor of mass finishing product

If you have experience in mass finishing products, you know where to find the customers. Besides, you may have your own customer base.

Our suggestion for you is to start from media project. Because media is consumption and generates stable cash flow. First, you can test our media with your own machines. After that, you can site test with one of your customers for 2 months period.

Until you get positive feedback from the customer, you can decide to work with us in long-term.

1.3 Agent who focus on specific application

Some agents focus on certain application. For example, Alex works in zamak3 die casting field service for belt buckle industry. Centrifugal die casting machine, electric plating machine, wheel grinding machine are his main business. Recently, Alex wants to add vibratory finishing machine to his product category.  So he can offer more choices for the customer. Because the vibratory process is a labor-saving alternative to manual wheel grinding process.

business partner

Partner from all over the world

2. Different Level of Partner

2.1 Reseller VS Exclusive distributor

Most our partners start as a reseller. A reseller entitles to sell our product and service but not based on exclusivity. At the beginning, our partners have two years’ period to plan their business. If marketing is good, we will upgrade him/her as exclusive distributor.

During this period, we don’t allow others to enter the same geographical area to compete.

The exclusive distributor entitles to sell our products and offer service within a certain territory. In return, the exclusive distributor agrees not selling products from our competitors.

Some partners only focus on part of our products. We can discuss this case by case.

world map for distributors

World map for distributors

2.2 Regional Distributor VS Nationwide Distributor

Regional distributor entitles to exclusive distributorship in a certain region but not the whole country. But he/she can still resell products to other non-exclusive regions in the country.

The nationwide distributor entitles to have exclusive distributorship throughout the whole country. Any inquiry we receive will direct to the nationwide distributor.

3. Procedure to apply as our Partner

3.1 Make business plan (marketing strategy and goal)

For example, in a lower industrialized area, we introduce vibratory finishing to replace manual grinding. In contrast, when most workshops have vibratory finishing machines, we offer cost saving media.

3.2 Choose an area to distribute

Since mass finishing always related to production, an area with lots of manufacture workshops is preferred. For example, metal parts, plastic parts, rubber parts productions.

We will check in our system if anyone already exists in your area. To begin with, you can choose an industry area or industrial city. As you build your network and logistics team, we are open to upgrading your area and level of partnership.

3.3 Find Potential Application

Usually, some factories make the same products locate quite close in the same area. The products may differ in design or supply to different markets. For example, in German Tuttlingen is an area famous for surgical instruments. So, we can supply to surgical instrument manufacturing factories there.

3.4 Send us EMAIL and make contact

Please email us to tell your situation, plan, expertise, location, and field of application. We will help you to figure out the way to your goal.partnership

The procedure to become our partner