1. Customer information

Name: Alexandre

Country: Ukraine

Partnership: Reseller

Field of application: decorative material and construction material

Main material: Zinc (Zamak3) and Aluminum

Surface requirement: smoothing after die casting, then electroplating

Equipment: vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, vibratory dryer

2. General background

Alexandre starts working with us since 2016. Before his main focus is construction material. The Ukraine civil war comes to an end.  So Alexandre considers producing decorative material for new homes.

Alexandre has his own casting machines. But the surface quality for plating is not satisfied. As a result, he comes to us for sample processing.

Inovatec customer visiting photo

Alexandre visiting for sample processing

3. Sample testing 

Alexandre visits us with his sample. There are 5 samples totally. And one of them polished with the manual grinding process for reference. He explained he wants to replace labor process because it’s hard to find workers to do the job. The sample surface is rough and it takes the whole afternoon only to remove the casting scales. Once we finish our process, we deliver him sample together with detail process solution.


Sample received before processing

4. Performance confirmation

When Alexandre back home, he makes plating to verify the performance. Afterward, he double checks with the user of the decorative parts. As soon as he receives positive feedback, he makes order confirmation for us.

The construction-related market is blooming. So Alexandre makes his plan to service customers who make the similar product with him. So he wants to become a partner of us!


Sample after process ready for plating

5. Testing Room

Alexandre set up his own laboratory testing room. He can do his own product research and testing. Besides, he can help other people who have the similar surface finishing demand.lab testing room

Testing room for customer sample