1. Technical Support

The biggest advantage of being an authorized partner is that you receive technical training and support. Such as how to use the machine, how to make the maintenance, customer service and how to deal with the complaint.

technical support we offer to partner

Technical Support we offer to our partners

1.1 Training & Industry Support

Most of our partners work in one or several fields. You don’t need to be a professional in every application. Jewelry polishing, zinc die casting, steel stamping parts deburring are potential fields.

Base on our partner focus field, we offer practical advice with our 30 years’ experience. For example, a potential partner locates with belt manufacturing area. In this area, most belt buckle made from Zinc (zamak3). So we can promote vibratory finishing process to replace hard manual grinding.

We will tell our partner what should do and what should not do, from which point we start our work and where we end our job. So our partner doesn’t need to make his own try.

1.2 FREE workpiece Testing Service

Having a testing room is expensive but it is helpful when new business comes. To help our partner have a good starting, we offer FREE workpieces testing service.

When our partner receives workpieces sample, he or she can send us the parts with surface demand. After we receive the workpieces sample, we will carry out our laboratory test. Then we send the sample back with all process details and video. Thus, our partner can explain better to convince the customer.

The workpieces processing is also important to select right media and chemical. We have thousands of collections of media with different size, shape, recipe. So choosing the right media and chemical combination is the key to success.

Moreover, a reference part after polishing can help us understand the object better.

1.3 FREE Media Sample Testing Service

Vibratory finishing is a process that works more than 60 years. Because of its low labor cost, it receives increasing popularity throughout the world. As a result, vibratory finishing machines are common in many industrial countries.

The good thing is: media is consumable so it needs the continuous supplement. Once you get a happy customer, you will be able to do business with him/her lifelong.

When you have media sample from USA or Europe manufacturer you can always send to our lab for analyze. We will carry out the trial in 2-3 days with a testing report. In our laboratory report it will contain following information:

  • Density (specific gravity) of media
  • Chemical composition
  • Abrasive content in percentage
  • Abrasive type
  • Colorant

We are capable to reproduce it with lower cost and make sure it the same performance with the original ones.

1.4 Machine type and model recommendation

Selecting right machine type and model is not an easy task. Because there are many factors need to take into consideration. Below we make the short list of issue that we think important:

  • Workshop area for machine and operators
  • Daily production volume for work pants
  • How many shifts of the customer factory?
  • Customer budget for the project

2. Beneficial Price

2.1 Discount price for marketing

The profit of partner comes from the difference between buying and selling price. To motivate our partner, we will offer price package including machine, media, and chemicals. The profit is enough to cover housing, labor, tax, and shipments. On top of that, our partner doesn’t need to make a huge investment in first stock.

discount price

Discount price for marketing

2.2 Competitive price compared with USA/Europe Product

For media manufactured from USA or Europe, the price is way higher than those made in China. Besides, we have our own Kaolin mine resource in China to control the cost.

3. Market Protection

It is not an easy task to explore new market and gain a good reputation. A well establishes business usually take years of effort to build the trust.

One of our partner Anton distributes our product in Belarus. He is our exclusive reseller, so we will not sell to anyone else in that countries. If anyone sends us an inquiry through email, we will forward contact information to Anton.

market protection

Market protection from other distributors

In some countries, we may appoint more than two distributors. To avoid competing, they either work in different application or work in the different area. For example, a Ho Chi Minh City distributor does not compete with a Hanoi distributor.

4. Customized Solution

4.1 Tailor design for industry

A certain application has special requirements. We support our partner to develop the solution for the certain application. Here is the example of some of our potential users:

  • Iron parts (Anti Rusting)
  • Magnesium Parts (Prevent Cracking)
  • Thin parts 0.5 mm bellow (Prevent Sticking)
  • High-value parts (prevent scratches)

fully_automatic_single_disc_finishing_machine-1 1

Automatic disc finishing machine solutions to reduce labor work

4.2 Partner Design & Logo Identification

Most of our partners have their own business name and logo register in their own countries. This is good for the brand image. And we support our partner to market their own brand.

4.2.1 Machine Color Selection

You can select 1-2 color according to your preference and your logo color. Besides, we can print your logo in the machine per your order.

4.2.2 Media Bag Design

We support our partner to design their own media bags. The media bag can be either 25 kg (Europe market) or 50 lbs (US market). You can print your own logo, address, website and contact info in the bags or even CR code for a user to scan.

5. After Sales Support

First, we will make training for how to use the machine, and how to maintain. So we can extend our machine lifetime 3-5 times than those who don’t take care of their machine.

after sales support

After sales customer service and support

In case of components defect, we offer free spare parts within the warranty period. If it out of warranty period, we charge the only basic cost of parts.

In case of electric component defect, you can send us error code with video to describe the situation. Then we can identify the problem in 2-4 days. Some electric parts are easily available at the local electronics store. But if not available, we can it send through international fast express like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT. And they usually receive within a week.