Plastic Media

Plastic media also called plastic tumbling media. It has superior performance for soft metals (brass and aluminum) or stringy materials smoothing and polishing. In addition, it produces a better surface finish and to prevent rolling the burr over into a hole.

Plastic media generate a smooth surface, but very little shine. Plastic media is good to use when preparing parts for pre-plating and pre-anodizing. Pyramid and cones shape is most commonly used media for parts with holes.
Typically, plastic media is 1/3 lighter compared with ceramic media.

There are three important parameters to determine the performance of plastic media.

  • Size of Plastic Media
  • Shape of Plastic Media
  • Abrasiveness of Plastic Media

1. Plastic Media Shape

There is a variety of shape of plastic media for selections. For example, cone shape, tri-star, pyramid, tetrahedron, etc. There is still some special media shape for selection for example Nipple shape media.

Engineers select right shape media according to parts size and shape. Here are the main criteria:

  1. The media can polish entire surface of parts
  2. Media not stuck in parts slots and recess
  3. Parts can easily separate from media mas
plastic polishing media

Plastic Cone Media

Tristar plastic deburring media

Tri-star Plastic Media

plastic abrasive media paraboloid

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tetrahedron shape plastic abrasive media

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Plastic Finishing media pyramid

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Nippel shape plastic abrasive media

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2. Plastic Media Size

  • Small size media offers smoother surface and gentle cutting
  • Large size media offers faster cutting and rougher surface
  • Sometimes a mix of small size media and big size media for processing parts
  • Media and parts size difference for easy separation

3. Plastic Media Abrasiveness

Plastic media is a resin-bonded preformed media. The main components in plastic media are polyester resin and abrasives.

Generally, 40-70% by weight is polyester and the rest is abrasives.

The most common abrasives are silica in different mesh size. Also, some other types of abrasives are popular in a specific application. For example, zirconium, corundum, clay, and also the mixture of 2 and more types.

Inovatec offers plastic media OEM service for our customers. If you send us the media sample, we do re-engineering and make it lower cost and same performance.