Inovatec offer complete process mass finishing solutions including deburring, polishing, ball burnishing, cleaning & degreasing, edge rounding, smoothing, de-rusting.

The application cover full range, including the automotive industry, Chain Manufacturing, Coins, Cutlery, Forgings, Foundry, Jewelry, plastics, stampings, surgical and dental, tools, transmission components etc.

Besides, we offer the procedure to order the machine in our standard machine specification, also we would recommend our machine model based on Taiwan/Japan/German/USA/Turkey company specification and recommend similar one. Besides, we will make a customized solution to meet customer production capacity and surface requirements.

If a customer has demanded of onsite installation, we can also help to do it.

Moreover, customers want to reduce the cost of mass finishing, but not willing to change process. You can send me some pieces of tumbling media to do lab analyze.

When we have the result and cost, we will inform you and make OEM tumbling media with the 1/3-1/5 cost of your original media and same performance.

Case study:

  1. Zinc polish (zamak3 sanitary parts smoothing before nickel plating)