When a customer has a project going on, he has some general idea. For example the size of the workshop, production volume of each workpiece, surface requirement, the budget plan for the project, the automation level of the machines.

What we need to do is to make the general idea of the customer to into design and realize the design into reality.


  1. General idea of project installation

Early 2016, I received a requirement for Marvis from Ditton Group in Latvia who makes chain components. Marvis want to make a new production line for chain components. He is using vibratory finishing machine from German Rosler already. He has some general idea for the project requirement:


  • Two chain components to be processed in one system
  • Both two parts is stamping parts, require deburring
  • After deburring is drying process
  • The workshop have space limitation 6000X8000 (mm)
  • Two components have the production volume of 5,000 pcs/batch, one day 30,000 pcs
  • Labor saving, one operator can do the whole job


  1. Workpiece received with media sample

I ask Marvis to send the workpiece sample together with the tumbling media he currently using. The feedback is much faster than expected, early next week a parcel from Europe is on my desk. I unpack the gift, ceramic media sample and chain components pieces are found.

The ceramic media I make the laboratory analyses and make testing report.

Most chain components are made of the ferrous material. I tried with a magnet and it can hold firmly.


  1. Media performance

Later this week, a testing report comes out. Marvis don’t want to change the media type because it is a long way to go to get the change approved by production, management, and his key customer. He told me that:

  • The media code is RXXX, Angle Cut Triangle Size 15X18
  • Deburring time one hour is enough
  • Two workpieces size:

Washer: 20 (diameter)X3(thickness)mm

Bolts: 4(diameter)X10(length)mm


Washer components for deburring                Bolts components for grinding


I checked from Rosler website and our laboratory database. I cannot find the media type. It is a special customized media type for the specific application. I told Marvis media we can surely make at cost 1/3-1/5 of Rosler with same cutting and wearing performance. Marvis is delighted, he asked how we make the design of the machine.


  1. Selection of right machine

Vibratory finishing machine is our first priority. Because Marvis use the similar machine right now and we don’t want to change process technique. Besides, wearing and cutting performance only valid for the same type of machine.

The next issue is to select the right size for the machine. With each batch of 5000 pcs, a 400L vibratory finishing machine is suggested for Bolts, and a 600L vibratory finishing machine is suggested for the washer.


  1. How to make parts separation with media

The processing time is 1 hour deburring. After deburring, parts and media need to make a separation for drying and process in next step.

The bolts have a very small size which smaller than most ceramic media, so we consider choosing a larger media to sieve out the parts.

The washer has comparable size with media. Because it can be absorbed by a magnet, so we considered using a magnetic separator.

Draft Machine project design layout


  1. Design Idea approved by customer

When our design idea approved by the customer. We make the 3D drawing and show with the photo below.

3D compact design for vibratory finishing machine and drying machine


  1. Detail confirmation and start production

Once the details of machine checked and order confirmed. We can start production.

The production time usually about 30 days for customized machine design.

Project installation for vibratory finishing machine and vibratory dryer

Magnetic separator                          Small parts separated from media

600L vibratory machine                                     400L vibratory machine                     600L vibratory dryer