Most customers require a machine to carry out their simple task. The project size is not big but they really want a professional support to save their budget and achieve best surface performance. A standard design machine with default setting is enough for their application.


On March 2017, I received an inquiry from Danny who is doing belt buckle manufacturing in Ecuador. Currently, his is doing traditional way of grinding and polishing which is time-consuming, productivity not high. With increasing labor cost in Ecuador, Danny thinks about to change the manual process to more automotive vibratory finishing process.

Here below is what Danny doing right now:

Centrifugal casting machine make zamak3 belt buckle                  Wheel grinding to remove big burr

Rotary polishing machine to polish belt buckle before electroplating


  1. Understand Production requirement

Danny told me he wants to change manual grinding and polishing process into vibratory finishing process. But he doesn’t know what kind of machine is suitable for him.

I asked him how many pieces of belt buckle he makes one day. He informed me he has about 2000 pcs of belt buckles to make one day. The weight of belt buckle 50-125g and size varies from 24mm, 30mm, 35mm, and 40mm.

Danny informs me he wants a vibrator machine large enough to carry out the production in 8 hours working time. After vibratory tumbling process, the belt buckles need to dry completely, otherwise workpieces surface may rust.


  1. Vibratory Finishing Machine Model:

The smoothing process with plastic media for zamak3 material, the process takes about 2 hours of our experience. 500pcs/batch process, then in one day we can carry out the task without difficulty.

The belt buckle with weight 50-125g, with average 80g, 500pcs/batch, total weight per batch is 40kg. Then a VBS(B)300 vibratory finishing machine with straight wall and separation deck is suggested.

Technical data of VBS(B)300


  1. Vibratorydryer model

The vibratory dryer machine also required for the application. Our smallest size vibratory dryer with Walther Trowal design is VB(B)200

Technical data of VD(B)200


  1. Vibratory finishing machine and vibratory dryer combined as system

We suggested to Danny that if he wants to make two machines together, we can make the vibratory finishing machine VBS(B)300 higher. And the exit of vibratory finishing machine directly connected to the entrance of vibratory dryer. Danny is happy about the idea. Becuase this can reduce his work of goods transportation.


  1. Quotation

I make quotation with Danny and he is happy with the price. He has still some plastic media at his home. So he considers buying the plastic media and chemicals in next shipment


  1. Sample shipment and performance confirmation

Danny send me some sample of belt buckle before polishing and he wants to see the performance of our machine, media, and compound. I make the processing of his belt buckle in plastic media and zirconia ball. And show him the outcome of the polishing result.

Belt buckle before polishing  Belt buckle smoothing with plastic media   Belt buckle polished with zirconia ball


Danny is interested in polishing of zirconia ball. Even the surface smoothing by plastic media is enough for electroplating. Finally, Danny decided to try with zirconia ball together with polishing compound send together with machines.


  1. Order confirmation and delivery

Danny makes a draft order and sends me on WhatsApp. The order is confirmed the next day as we have 12 hours difference in time zone. Danny makes 30% advance payment to confirm the order and the goods will be ready in 25 days as we agreed.

When the goods are finished I take a photo for him to confirm. After all detail of goods is confirmed, Danny makes balance payment and we organize the machine shipment.

In factory order confirmation before shipment


  1. Good clearance at port and deliver to factory

The goods arrive at Guayaquil 35 days later. Danny makes the customs clearance at the port.

Machine cleared out from container Machine ready to ship to customer factory

Machine ready for installation in Danny workshop