The vibratory finishing machine from Taiwan and Japan is quite expensive. We will offer solutions how we help our customer to get cost-effective way to get the finishing job done.


  1. Start to contact us and explain what Model you want

Either you are using a machine of Taiwan or Japan, or you have a model number at your mind, please feel free to contact us.

A few months ago, I receive an inquiry from Indonesia that Surya wants to have a machine same with Rotar Taiwan.

He already has a machine in his factory, and he wants a second one. Because of budget limitation, he wants to have a cost-effective machine from China with reliable performance.


Surya show me the photo of the machine as well as machine technical specifications.

He further explained to me the size of the machine is 330L, with motor power 7.5kw and 4 poles, and the diameter of the machine 1500mm. For my better understanding of the machine, he sends me again the machine photo.

Rotar vibratory finishing machine photo with tumbling media


In the photo, I can see the tumbling media is steel ball which is very heavy. I am surprised by the information that Surya offered because a 7.5kw motor is too large for a 330L capacity machine. So I check Rotar’s website, the information at their website show slightly different information on machine nameplate, most other information is same:


  1. Select the comparable machine type of our own

Each company has its own design of machine and different way of manufacturing. So we would like to choose the closest model of HVBC 350 model from Rotar.

Technical information for VB340                                               Design Drawing of VB340


Given size and dimension same with Rotar HVBC 350 model, vibratory motor power 5.5 kW is lower than 7.5kw from Rotar. As checked by our production and design team, motor power cannot expand because of shaft design. Anyway, we have found the closest model to customer requirement.

What we need to do in the next step is to make some adjustment to meet polishing performance.


  1. Confirm the Performance

Actually for a final user, the specification of machine important. However, most important is he can get the desired polishing result at the same time. If we can get the same performance in the same period of time, the customer will be happier because he can get energy saving compared to Taiwan machine.


I ask samples without polishing from Surya. And he also sends together a polished part for us to compare.

Aluminum sample before ball burnishing          Aluminum sample after ball burnishing


The sample received is an aluminum die casting components for the motorbike. The mold is goods, and castings are smooth. After removing excess material from mold head, the ball burnishing process can give parts mirror shining surface in short time.

When I do the trial processing in vibratory machine VB340, the max capacity of stainless steel ball I can put 600kg, otherwise motor not enough power to run.

The simplest way to increase the intensity of vibration is to add Balance Weight to the motor. After doing some trial, we get the desired result with adding few balance weight pieces.

Balance weight of vibratory finishing machine motor


  1. Make the quotation as the whole package

When received the sample, Surya is very satisfied with the performance. He is also happy to have a reliable supplier in China for the vibratory finishing machine with cost only a fraction of Taiwan machine.

Surya decided to purchase the machine, stainless steel ball media and polishing liquid as a whole package. Otherwise, he will have the problem if not purchase the machine from the same supplier.


I understand his concern. And make the offer including stainless steel media, polishing compound together as a whole package. Although stainless steel ball is much more expansive than carbon steel ball, it never needs anti-corrosion compound to make the protection. Over time, the total cost will significantly lower than carbon steel ball. Besides, stainless steel ball makes better shining surface on workpieces.


To make more saving during transportation, I suggested to Surya to use a concentrated compound to reduce shipping cost. He is happy about the idea. An estimation of a 300kg concentrated polishing compound is enough for him to use for 3 months.