Special Media

Special media is introduced for special applications in mass finishing.

  • Zirconia ball with highest specific gravity, it is for super fine polishing, especially for silver and gold polishing
  • Zirconium silicate ball has a lower density, it is also superior for polishing and grinding
  • 3P granule is shapeless media with slight cutting power. It can enter into small slot and recess.
  • Corn cob media for parts drying and slight cleaning and polishing
  • Walnut shell used with polishing paste for dry polishing
zirconia polishing media

Zirconia ball

Ball shape ceramic polishing media

Zirconium Silicate ball

Random shape ceramic media

3p shapeless granule

corn cob media, polishing media

Corn Cob Media

Walnut Nut Shell Media

Polishing compound

Polishing Compound

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