Surface Finishing Machine Lubricants

Lubrication Oil use in Surface Finishing Machine

Surface finishing machine lubricants are very important. Surface finishing machine including vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, and centrifugal barrel finishing machine has bearing components need greasing and oiling.

Usually each month we need to make greasing and oiling give good lubrication between mechanical parts and reduce friction force. The right selection of lubrication oil is very important for machine maintenance.

What type of surface finishing machine lubricants do we need to choose?

The working temperature of our motor and bearing with a temperature of 50-60 ℃. So protecting mechanical components and bearings, the right type of lubrication oil or grease is required.

Hence, in China, we use 2# Lithium-based lubricants (Brand Great Wall). However, when operating machines overseas China Brand greasing oil not easily available.

great wall lubricant for finishing machine

Great wall lubricant used in China Market

 International Lubrication oil Brand

1. Shell Lubricants

Shell is one of the most popular brands of finishing machine lubricants. As a result, Shell series Gadus S2 is suggested for finishing machine bearing and motor lubrication. (

Because Shell brand is widely available globally, Shell Lubricant suggest for oversea market.


shell lubricant

shell lubricant for finishing machine

2. ExxonMobil lubricant

ExxonMobil typically short for Mobile. This is the most popular brand in North America, especially for lubricant and grease. As a result, the most popular grease lubricant we suggest is: Mobil XHP 222 or SHC 100 

For more information, you may check website: for details

surface finishing machine lubricants

Mobil is popular brand in North America for lubricant

How often we need to grease motor and bearing components?

As bearing and mechanical components are crucial to machinery life, therefore we suggest greasing motor and bearing components once a month together with mechanical components checking.

Vibratory finishing machine has the greasing point connect with the motor. Typically, the vibratory machine with 8 hours a day running time suggest to grease once a month with 2-3 shots. Therefore this prevents wearing on the roller and extend bearing life, right dosing grease oil is necessary.


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