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What problem you will meet when buying Vibration Tumbler?

What problem will you meet when buying a Vibration Tumbler?


Workshop owners can outsource their parts deburring and polishing service to mass finishing job shop. However, when they have a bigger order of parts, they have the real requirement of buying a Vibration Tumbler.

Buying a vibratory finishing machine is not a simple task to do. Because there are lots of factors to take into account. When you buy a machine, you want to get the most out of it and do the work that human not willing to do. The cost of the machine should be within your budget plan, and you expect it to do the least maintenance as possible. You might think this is not possible, but I will tell you that you can find the right machine within your budget plan if you know all the details. Just follow my steps.

buying vibratory finishing machine


1. Vibration Tumbler purchasing

There are lots of vibratory finishing machine manufactures available in the markets. The global leader Rosler offer the most extensive technology and usually, they have extremely expensive price both machine and media. International group automotive industries or medical companies like to use Rosler product as these companies are not pricing sensitive.

Most vibration tumbler users are components manufacturer. They take the parts manufacturing job outsourced from bigger companies. A high profile vibratory finishing machine may exceed their budget.

For most parts manufacturer, cost-effective is criteria to select vibratory finishing machine manufacturer.  Bellow is some frequent question about buying the vibratory finishing machine:


2. Designing details of the vibratory finishing machine

There are lots of parameter of a vibratory finishing machine when we select the machine to purchase. Firstly, we need to decide how big the size is required for our production. If the machine is smaller than our requirement, we have to work overtime. But if machine size is too big, then we will waste working capacity and pay more than necessary.

Secondly, the curved wall and straight wall machine have their own merit. Therefore we need to choose the right model suitable for our application.

Thirdly, internal separation is a good feature. But we need to think again if this is necessary. Usually, a machine without separation can have better-tumbling performance.

Fourthly, control box we can make either standing on the floor model and hang on wall model. Typically, if the machine locates by the wall,  control box hangs on the wall. However, if the machine locates at the centre of the room, control box usually use standing on the floor model.

Fifthly, before buying the vibratory finishing machine, we need double check with our power supply. Otherwise vibratory motor has a risk to burn out.

Sixthly, our customer can make their own choice of machine colour. You can either select from our standard colour or send us the colour code and make your own choice.

Bellow are some most popular questions regarding vibratory finishing machine design:


3. Selection of own vibratory finishing machine accessories

Vibration Tumbler machine has many accessories help us to do the job easier. For example, the soundproof cover helps us to reduce noise level and protect the operator. Moreover, dosing pump helps to give precise and constant compound feed in the vibratory bowl. Furthermore, a speed converter can adjust vibration force without difficulty. Besides, the pneumatic shutter can integrate into the PLC control system and reduce manual work.

Bellow are the frequent questions that most interested for our customer:

  • Noise reduction – Vibratory finishing machine sound cover
  • Is speed converter necessary for vibratory finishing machine?
  • Pneumatic shutter VS manual handle flap, which to choose for vibratory finishing machine?
  • Vibratory finishing machine pump for the different compound dosing system


4. How to set your vibratory finishing process parameter

As vibratory finishing is a process solution, there are lots of factors involved to get optimal output. For example, parts initial condition, size, shape, surface geometry, surface requirement, production volume, etc.

Bellow, we summarize lists of question that important for our user:

  • Tips for vibration tumbler machine selection
  • Guidance for vibratory finishing machine compound
  • Vibratory finishing machine consumables – how much to order with the machine in the first shipment


5. Get your vibratory finishing machine installation

When you receive your vibration tumbler machine, you need to make the installation. Then your machine can output ready finished parts and make money for you.

Here is some question that we receive from our customer when they make their own installation. However, you could also get the work done with help of your nearest mass finishing job shop.

  • How to make your own installation of vibratory finishing machine?
  • How to set the right vibratory finishing machine tumbling direction


6. Keep your machine in a good maintenance condition

Make good maintenance of the machine is very important because it can extend machine life significantly. Motor and PU (polyurethane) are two components which are essential for vibratory finishing machine performance. Therefore we need to make special attention to their working condition.

Bellow is the most asked question regarding motor and PU:

  • What is the life of PU and what can I do if vibratory finishing machine PU wears out?
  • David’s vibratory finishing machine motor works properly for 10 years, but why my motor scrapped in 2 years?