On this page, we’ve collected answers to common questions regarding Inovatec mass finishing equipment and consumables. However, if you cannot find the answer in the list, please send us an email. Then we will make a response as soon as possible with one business day.

1. I want to finishing my parts, but I don’t know what machine and media to use, what can I do?

There are three major types of media used in finishing processes and each one is good for a different purpose. Ceramic media is an abrasive material and frequently use in burr removal application. Also, plastic media is an abrasive material and popular in softer metal finer finishing and reduce RA value. In contrast, steel media generally used for ball burnishing application. All of them can be made in various shapes and sizes.

To conclude, ceramic and plastic media are all available in the different formula which various abrasives grit size, abrasive composition, abrasive type are included, hence giving different finishes on parts.

2. What type of compound I should use?

The main function of the compound including following items:

Soften parts surface hardness, keep parts surface shining, promote grinding and finishing, shorten processing time, Remove oil and grease, make parts surface cleaning, Soften surface oxidation layer, lubrication and buffering, corrosion and rust protection after processing

In addition, for different material (iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc) we have different compound for different requirement, please send email for advice

3. Could you parts finishing service for us?

Yes, you can send your sample together with sample requirement. Also, you can send us a readily finished sample as a reference and compare. Later, after parts finishing we will send it back to you for checking with a testing process report.

4. When shall I make machine PU lining repair and how to deal with?

Usually, if machine drain function not works properly, or when you can see machine bare material (basement steel material) in processing channel, it is time to make PU relining or repair.

If only small parts of your PU is broken, you can use Devcon to patch wear out PU lining. One of the most popular materials used is epoxy. However, this material is not wearing resistant as PU.

5. How often I should make greasing for vibratory machine?

Vibratory finishing machine has the greasing point connect with the motor. Typically, the vibratory machine with 8 hours a day running time suggest to grease once a month with 2-3 shots (Mobil XHP 222 or SHC 100 or Shell 2#). To prevent wear on the roller and extend bearing life, right dosing grease oil is necessary.

6. Amplitude and Lead Angle meaning in vibratory finishing machine?

Amplitude is the vibration force created when vibratory finishing machine running. Greater the imbalance weight, greater the amplitude.

The lead angle is the angle between upper weight and bottom weight. The most popular weight lead angle for start is 90 degree. The larger lead angle adds forward movement. More upper weight also adds forward movement. 120-degree lead angle offers max action.

Adding bottom weight promote tumbling performance (mass rolling). Decreasing weight on one end has the same performance than adding weight at the other end.

7. What is the machine motor drive rotation?

The motor always rotation direction is opposite to the mass traveling direction. The upper weight follows the bottom weight with the 90-degree lead angle.

When media and parts mass running counter-clockwise then motor running at clockwise direction. If bottom weight is at 12 o’clock position, the upper weight is at 9 o’clock position.

8. How can I change motor vibration direction?

When you run the vibratory finishing machine for the first time, the machine may not tumble in a correct manner. The media and parts mass not tumbling into the center of a vibratory bowl.

At this time, you can exchange two of three plug leads with each other. This can be found in control panel or at motor housing.

9. What shall I check if the machine not working? (it works well yesterday)

Never change imbalance weight. If the weight worked before it should work well again. There is something else going wrong.

The first thing to check is electrical problems. Check the fuse in the control panel and incoming current, if fuse broke then change a new one. Then check if the belt has not broken, if broken then change for a new one. After that, check if the drive seized up by turning it by hand. If all above components are in good condition, then check the motor.

If all mechanical and electrical components work well, we focus on the process parameters. Check the following process parameter:  water amount, media loading capacity, and compound dosing.

10. How can I reduce noise of vibratory finishing machine

The soundproof cover (also called as noise lid) is frequently used to reduce vibration noise. First of all, this device powered by pneumatic gas or hydraulic station to actuate the cover open and close. Besides, inside cover lined with sound absorption foam. As a result, the soundproof cover can effectively reduce noise level 5-10 decibel.

11. How much will you charge for the sample making?

We will not charge you anything for sample polishing. However, you need to arrange parts shipment to our factory. Before you send the sample, you are requested to fill in a surface finishing requirement sheet for us to understand your requirement of parts. After we finishing sample testing process. We will send it to you for confirming the performance.

12. How could you assure the quality of machine and media?

The sample parts are the key. First of all, our salesmen confirm every detail with you. Then we will make parts laboratory trial per your requirement. Later, after your sample confirmation, we will confirm with goods required and start the mass production.

The quality of machine and quality of media is carefully controlled from each step of production. At last, you can have your agent here to inspect the goods after the mass production is done.

If you don’t have the local agent to inspect goods, we will send you photo and video before shipment of product. Once the product is confirmed, we will contact your shipping agent and make the latest delivery.

13. Is your price competitive?

We are a high-quality surface finishing solution provider in east China, located in Huzhou, Zhejiang. First of all, we have the very strict quality control to remove nonqualified media. In addition, we only use the high-quality steel material for machines. However, our price quote is usually 5-10% higher than most suppliers. In a word, we don’t supply the cheap machines and consumables, but offer excellent quality goods with reasonable profit to support our service.

14. How soon can you finish the mass production?

The parts laboratory trials take 3-5 days to finish. Then we will send you sample back when the laboratory testing process is done. Later we will suggest the order amount according to your production volume.

Once the mass production order is confirmed, we will finish the mass production within 30 work days even if your order amount 20.000 kg tumbling media. Sometimes it may need longer times if you have many size/shape/recipe.

15. How to place an order?

Just give us an email, and our sales will guide you through the import and export producedures. Check our ordering process and learn more.

16. What is your minimum order quantity for surface finishing machine, tumbling media and polishing compound?

For the regular export and import business, we need pay at least 200USD to the shipping forwarder due to the custom related cost. Also, you need to afford sea shipment cost, the taxes and custom clearance fees at your own custom. When your order quantity is small, the unit price will be quite high.

Therefore, it is recommended that you order media and compound at your local agent when your order quantity is very small. Only when your order quantity is big enough, you can save some money by importing from us.

Usually, our minimum order quantity for finishing machine is one pcs per order. And 1000kg for tumbling media. As for compound,500kg is the minimum order. And we can ship them sea shipment.

17. How can I pay?

T/T payment is preferred because it is fast and convenient. After sample media or parts confirmed, you will put a 30-50% deposit. When all the goods are finished, we will send you photo and video to confirm the goods condition. After all the details confirmed, you can send the balance payment.  And we will make goods shipment.

Recently, because of international sanctions, payment from certain countries cannot receive. To avoid this issue, please contact us for details information.

18. Where is your nearest port?

Shanghai and Ningbo is our nearest Port. However, Shanghai is close and convenient for us to make shipment. Because we have shipping line from factory to Shanghai Port every day.

The selection shipping from Shanghai or Ningbo also needs to check destination port. Sometimes, shipping from Shanghai is much cheaper while sometimes shipping from Ningbo is much cheaper. Please contact us before decide loading port.

Besides, we can also ship to Yiwu if you have LCL goods shipment.