How to select the vibratory finishing machine color?

Vibratory finishing machine color is for aesthetic function as well as image identification. As a result, some companies especially re-seller prefer to use their own logo color. For example, Bosch GMBH uses color red/black color. Most of our customer rather use Inovatec standard color. Bellow is the guidance to select machine color.

1. Number of colors to select

For surface finishing machine coloring, usually, you can choose 1-2 colors. Here I show vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine, and centrifugal barrel machine color selection.


Different types of machines color possibility

However, you can also choose only one color for the whole machine, please check the photo below to see the machine with one color.

Machine painted with only one color

2. Our standard color

The first priority and easy to select is the color from our standard color, this is easier to understand and easy availability. When you choose the color from our stand color list, we will have short communication time and no misunderstanding.

Orange                    Sky blue color                     Apple Green                  White                   Grey color

Silver                      Red                  Sky blue              Yellow                   Dark Blue             Dark Green

3. How to select your own color code

However, you may also have your own logo color. Or you prefer to have the same color with rest of your machine in your workshop. To meet customized demand, we also offer customized vibratory finishing machine color.

Practically, there are many color systems available. RGB, RAL, Pantone example of the color system in the world. While in our company we use RAL color code which is easier for our production to understand.

So when you use your own color, please use RAL color code so we can do the job much faster.

vibratory finishing machine color

vibratory finishing machine color

RAL Color code selection for finishing machine

Reference link for color code selection:

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