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Why some customer spend more money to buy vibratory finishing machine?

Vibratory finishing machine price is an important issue when customer make the decision to purchase. Because this is an investment which you can use many years.

The vibratory finishing machine varies differently from several thousand USD until hundred of thousands USD. Moreover, the machine you will see very similar in outside shape and size have prices vary largely from different manufacturers. But why it is like that and how we can select right machine within our budget plan?


1. Vibratory Finishing Machine price break down

vibratory finishing machine price break down

Vibratory finishing machine price break down

Price of vibratory finishing machine varies largely. However, if you check carefully, machines from different manufacturers offer a different level of service and accessories. Metering pumps and speed converter of different manufacturers also make it cost different.

Some manufacturers offer on-site installation of machine and technical support until approved parts come out of the gate. While some others only make machine shipment without any instructions.

Furthermore, some machine with brand image add-on cost of the machine, even those machines are not much difference with others.

2. Make your own budget plan

When you have your project going on, you must have your plan to invest in a vibratory finishing machine. Also, you have your idea when you can get your investment back.

My friend Heinie make aluminum machining parts for a sanitary accessories manufacturer. Each day he makes 2000 pcs of parts. And the cost per components in the vibratory machine is 0.05 USD, and his own profit is 0.35 USD per piece.

He wants to return the investment in 6 months. So machine price should not exceed 2000 x (0.35-0.05) x 150 = 90000 USD. However, 90000 USD is a big figure for him to make the import. Besides, it is hard for him to get credit if he purchases from other countries.

With import duty and shipping cost included, the whole cost that Heinie can spend on the vibratory finishing project around USD 15000 as he discussed with me.

2. Remove unnecessary function to save cost

Heinie told me that he wants all possible accessories at the very beginning. Those functions include sound cover, speed converter, dosing pump and pneumatic shutter.  For his 200L Vibro finishing machine, those cost accumulated to be around USD 5000. I advise him if he can remove the additional function that not uses frequently.

For example, the pneumatic shutter can replace with the manual handle. So he can open the gate clear out the parts each time when process finished in 2 hours. Because Heine uses the flow-through system to keep part cleaning so dosing pump is necessary for the project. Speed converter is required because it is easier for parts separation and collection.

I ask him if his area have strict noise regulation or his workshop have a room construction for the vibratory machine. Heinie informed me that his workshop was simple construction without an extra enclosure for the vibratory machine. Therefore, the sound cover is also necessary for the machine.

3. Install machine with your own

When we offer vibro finishing machine, we suggest customer make installation himself because this is not a complicated machine. Once we have power on, feed media and parts with a certain ratio, we can start the job.

To make easier installation, we will offer our guidance for machine set up. And offer a list of troubleshooting to avoid unnecessary mess up and waste of time. You can relay to your electrician and follow our tips step by step.

4. Second-hand machine

If you are short of budget, another solution is to find second-hand vibratory finishing machine. There are many websites that you can find a second-hand machine for example eBay.

Bellow is some link that you can check second-hand machine available right now. But make sure to check machine condition on site about the performance. Besides, it’s better to come with your technician so you will not be fooled.

5. Exact machine price

Because vibratory finishing machine is customized machine and project-based, so please send us an email and describe your requirement. Then we can recommend right machine size for your requirement. If you already have decided machine size, we will quote you directly with a specific model.

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