electricity setting of finishing machines

How to prepare vibratory finishing machine voltage setting?

The setting of vibratory finishing machine voltage is crucial for users. If the user chooses an incorrect electricity will burn out the motor in few minutes. In China, electricity is 380 V 50 HZ 3 phase for input electricity for surface finishing machine. While most other Europe countries and some Asia country use 380 V 50 HZ 3 phase, North America, and South America have their own standards.

vibratory finishing machine voltage

vibratory finishing machine voltage settings

1. What we do if the electricity, not 380 V 50 HZ 3 phase?

In USA country, electricity is 440 V-480 V 60 HZ 3 phase for the industry. At this time, we can make motor following customer requirement and frequency 60 HZ.

2. What we do if electricity single phase 50/60 HZ?

Some factories do not locate in industries area and electricity usually single phase 50/60 HZ. However, the single-phase vibratory motor is not safe because it needs capacitance to make motor working. For small size motor, it is possible while the bigger motor is impossible.

Machine centrifugal barrel machine and centrifugal disc finishing machine installed VFD (variable frequency drive or frequency converter) as the default setting so no need an extra device.

For vibratory finishing machine, need the extra installation of VFD (variable frequency drive or frequency converter) to convert electricity. Besides, VFD can adjust vibratory intensity.

3. The wire available for motor

The cable wire available for motor is 1 mm2, 1.5 mm2, 4 mm2, 6 mm2, 10 mm2, 16 mm2, 35 mm2, 50 mm2.

4. How we select cable wire for motor

For example for a vibratory finishing machine 600L, motor power 5.5KW, 380V 50HZ

Following equation P=UI

5.5KW X 0.76% (energy efficiency)=380V X I, I=11A

According to experience: 4A equals 1 mm2 cable wire

11A we will use 11/4=2.75 mm2

However, we don’t have this standard, so closest is 4 mm2


To protect motor and machine, usually, we put larger standard. If machine I=16A, we will require 16/4=4 mm2. However, to protect the motor, we will use 6 mm2 in next standard.


For tub vibrator machine, two motors can combine and make calculation

For Centrifugal barrel machine and centrifugal disc machine if we have more than one motor, the calculation based on the main motor because the auxiliary motor only works when main motor stop, and the power usually smaller than the main motor.

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