Vibratory Finishing Machines

Inovatec Vibratory Finishing Equipment including circular vibratory finishing machine and trough vibratory finishing machine.

Circular Vibratory Finishing Machines Specification

The circular vibratory finishing machines are the most common type of vibratory finishing machines. We have basically 4 types of design for different applications.

VB(A) round vibratory finishing machines without separations: excellent tumbling performance

VB(B) Straight wall vibratory finishing: big parts tumbling

VBS(A) curved wall machine with the Separation channel

VBS(B) straight wall machine with the Separation channel

vibratory deburring machine Circular vibratory finishing machine with separation VBS(B)


Circular vibratory finishing machine VB(A)


circular vibratory finishing machine_VB(A)



Trough Vibratory Finishing Machine

Trough Vibratory Finishing Machine also called tub vibrator machines. It is excellent for big parts tumbling and polishing.

TVB(A) model for big parts tumbling for example engine housing and car exhaust head pipe.

TVB(B) model with separation panel, suitable for tiles stone antique treatment.

tub vibrator Trough vibratory finishing machine_TVB(A)(1)



Key Element in Vibratory Finishing Machines

Vibratory Motor

The vibratory motor is the key element that drives the movement of the machine. Therefore it allows precise control of control of vibration speed with speed converter to provide optimum processing. Motor equipped with overload circuitry, the motion controller also functions as a motor starter.

Shanghai Vibratory motor durable

Shanghai Vibratory motor durable

  • Heavy-duty design motor: Inovatec motor generate high motion with heavy duty and maximum strength. Amplitude can adjust to meet process requirements by adding/removing lower weight plates. In addition, we simply adjust the angular relationship of upper to lower weights.
  • large diameter shaft: extra large diameter shaft diminishes shaft deflection and whipping, so there is virtually no rotor rub or bearing loading
  • Motion generator mounting: our tempered mounting wedge design securely supports the motion generator top and bottom, yet still allows easy removal
  • High-quality winding
  • Extra strength castings: these heavy sectioned, extra strength castings provide a solid mounting, permanent bearing alignment, and heat dissipation.
  • NSK bearing

Abrasion Resistant PU (Polyurethane) lining

Inovatec PU lining feature a polyurethane lining which has been degassed, hot poured and hot cured. In this involved process, resin and hardener are blended together under heat and pressure, degassed for density, hot poured into the tank, and oven cured. Only with this method can we be assured that you are getting the most wear resistant lining available.


Inovatec lining has a 90 durometer rating and are superior in wear resistance, as well as tension and tear resistance when compared to other linings on similar applications. Each Inovatec polyurethane lined chamber warranty for 2 full years against wear through and structural failure.

Vibratory Finishing Equipment Order Details:

Inovatec is an export-oriented vibratory finishing equipment manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience in the surface finishing industry. Our products are produced by following the international standard, like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SGS, BV.

Check the item below for ordering so we can make the best saving for you

  • Machine type: circular type or trough type, with the separator or without
  • Machine size: how many liter capacities
  • Speed converter
  • Dosing pump
  • Soundproof cover
  • For the vibratory polishing machine with separation, you can choose also pneumatic shutter flap
  • We can make max two water/media outlets
  • You can choose your own color or with our standard color
  • You can choose your own electricity
  • Separation hole can be selected per your parts and media size

In order to quote you an accurate price, your machine design and sample parts process are always suggested, particularly if you can ship us with your reference sample. Just email at to get a price quote now.

Bellow is the information for shipment and packaging about Our vibratory finishing equipment:

  • Port: Shanghai, Ningbo
  • MOQ: 1 pcs
  • Price: Base on your order quantity and need details.
  • Turn Around Time: Usually 4 weeks.
  • Packing: Wooden box with bolts and nuts mounted on pallets, as per your request.
  • Payment: 30-50% T/T, LC at sight
  • Sample Processing: Free of Charge
  • Shipment: By sea, By air