Parts Processing Schedule – Vibratory Finishing Service

Vibratory finishing service and parts processing are necessary if you start the new product manufacturing project or you want to change the surface finishing process of existing parts. The workpieces surface finishing service from Inovatec is completely FREE of charge. What you need to do is to send the parts to our company together with Sample processing request sheet.

The diagram below illustrates workpieces shipment and confirmation procedure clearly. If you read carefully, you will find that the procedure is carefully designed to ensure that your interest is well protected. And the quality of finishing is exactly what you expect.

How to process the sample and confirm process solution with us?

1. Fill sample requirement sheet.

Sample requirement sheet has detail information of sample characteristics including size, shape, the material is made from. Customer expectation of processing result also described in the sheet so you can fill in, including deburring, polishing, cleaning, improving surface smoothness, etc. Click information below to download requirement sheet to understand the better surface requirement.

Sample processing request sheet

2. Workpieces delivery to our company

Workpiece needs to send together with sample requirement sheet. If you could send us a reference workpieces together with unfinished workpieces can help our engineer to understand your requirement better. Because surface finishing requirement of workpieces has no international standard, diverse definitions of burr result in unwanted rejection or acceptance of parts. Besides, oral standards of polishing and deburring can change with the observer.

3. Workpieces processing with our engineer

We will inform you as soon as we receive the sample. The vibratory finishing service will be done within one week after we receive it. Workpieces are processed by our laboratory engineer with the most suitable machine and carefully selected consumables. The process is decided to reach desirable surface finishing result with possible lower cost and shorter time. The process can be more than 1 step to get the final finish.

The critical step for mass finishing parts process is to choose the right type of media for a specific application. Inovatec laboratory offers technical guidance to select right media which offer cost-effective and fast mass finishing result.  There are media of different size, shape and formula can be used for testing.

vibratory finishing service parts processing

vibratory finishing service parts processing

Our processing lab uses highest grade media as we maintain quality control from starting from raw material inspection to packaging.

Besides high quality tumbling media, we offer a full line of finishing machine including vibratory finishing machine, tub vibrator, centrifugal disc machine and other drying equipment. As one of the largest manufacturer of ceramic tumbling media and plastic tumbling media, the combination of media together with compound and machinery offer an unlimited possibility.

Our production laboratory testing simulates real production condition in production and allows customer to make treatment of unfinished parts from various industries.

4. Sample send back to you for confirmation

After vibratory finishing service done, workpieces will send back to you to confirm surface quality. Therefore, we need contact information and address to send back workpieces. You may leave contact information in sample requirement sheet which sends together with workpieces. The express service we use is DHL, TNT, UPS, and FedEx. It will arrive at your office within 5-7 days. What we send customer including following items:

  • Some Parts after processing
  • A processing report including all detail and parameter
  • Video of how we do laboratory testing

5. Process solution confirmation

When the surface finishing of workpieces is approved by production and management, processing should also be decided. Usually, we will process half of the parts and send you at the first stage in case you need any improvement or adjustment. Besides, the complete process solution is comprehensive which including a selection of machine, tumbling media and polishing compound.

6. Choose suitable machine type

To get the same surface finishing result, the specific machine with different size and automation is available. Smaller machines suitable for smaller production volume while batch operational machines suitable for economical setup. Comparatively, the fully automatic surface finishing system customized for companies have higher production volume and requirement of continuous running.

7. Choose the right consumables

Consumables including tumbling media  (ceramic media, plastic media or steel media) and polishing compound are the essential factors to determine finishing results. Engineer selects media type, size, and shape as well as the compound in workpieces process stage.

8. Order confirmation

The amount of order to confirmation includes machine, media, and compound. To make the balance between shipment cost saving of shipment and storage, a 3-4 months consumption of media and compound is recommended. Large order amount of consumable can save shipping cost, but it will add the cost of storage and take extra financial resource of the customer.